Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blue Eyed Thump Thumps !!!!

YEAR: Late 60s to early 70s

SEASON: Year round

MONTH: Year round


COUNTY: Citrus

LOCATION DETAILS: Rock Crusher Canyon ... at that time it was an old quarry

OBSERVED: Many bipedal type creatures / Bigfoot

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes , friends


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late evenings , daytime and early mornings

ENVIRONMENT: Extremely large mounds of rocks , dirt and extremely high cliff walls .
Woods , high brush areas , lakes , ponds and caves .

Report taken from Nov 2009 till I lost contact with G around March 2010.....

I talked with G Davis for an extensive amount of time on the phone the first night I
called her , over the next few months we talked at length and each and every time she
relayed the same stories word for word . The tones in her voice and the emotions that she
displayed while recounting her experiences each time has me believing that they very well may
have came in contact with some bipedal creatures and I believe she is very credible .

This is her story .......

While living in Pinellas county back in the late 60s to early 70s , G Davis would go to
Rock Crusher Canyon with friends to hang out . G and her friends would go to this place
both day and night and just about every time they would experience something . G
explained how no matter how quiet they were when they came into the pit , these
creatures would show up and hide out in the woods , brush or on the side of the canyon
walls and watch them .

She talked about how interesting it was when they would descend down the canyon walls ,
she said as they would come down they would make noises {i.e whistles, whoops, thumps
and clicks} . Once they reached the bottom of the canyon they would be spread out and
would just sit and watch .

G told of there being about nine of them due to the counting of eye shine and that
they nicknamed them the blue eyed thump thumps due to the blueish color of the eyes
and the noises that they made at times . She told me of how they would leave food for them but
apples , pears,and honey were given on purpose . In return they would find in replace of the food ,
sticks with mud or feces with leaves wrapped around it . It was when they left hard
peppermint candy that they would get the feces sticks .

She told of a night where they had brought a friend and before the night was over this
friend had shot one , we had to stop several times during this part of the conversation so
she could compose herself . The shooting incident is a story in itself and I will be reporting
on it separately . After that night they had very little to no activity with these
creatures and soon after the county closed off the area due to another incident .

From what G told me they closed it off due to a local child being lost in the cave and
his brother telling of the monsters that lived inside the cave ( I cant remember if they
found the boy or not ) but supposedly the cave entrance was blasted shut and a nine
foot fence was erected around the pit and canyon . The Rock Crusher later became an RV
camp and the canyon / pit area was turned into a concert venue and the woods have
been destroyed and built upon .

Talking with G and the night that the one was shot, the aftermath of it and the closing
of the place brings tears to her eyes !!! She truly loved those days , the place and the
blue eyed thump thumps !

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

There Are No Experts In The Bigfoot Community !!!!!


I am so tired of all the fighting that goes on in the Bigfoot community and the EGOS that run rampant !!! This is one reason why I have backed off from posting of my experiences and opinions in groups and on message boards ! MOST do not respect others which is why I dont share the exact locations of my sites or my opinions and why I only research with a small amount of people !

No matter how many tv shows that you have been on , books that you have written or are in , conferences that you have spoke at , websites that you run, years that you have been researching, experiences that you have had , " Evidence " that you have , how opinionated that you are or how many times you have plastered your face on videos ... YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT IN THE BIGFOOT FIELD !!!!!!

Until someone has had one on one contact with several years of hands on research with a Bigfoot that can show FACTUAL UNDISPUTED evidence , then you might be considered an expert in this field !!! Until a ACCREDITED college course is developed that can then teach a person on how to interact with and research on these beings .... YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT IN THE BIGFOOT COMMUNITY !!!
We all need to remember that we are all going on speculations, thoughts , theories and opinions when it comes to what and why they do the things they do .

We should be respecting each others opinions and views in this field and working to eradicate the people who are known hoaxers, liars and that mislead !!!!

A few years ago I backed off from the postings , blogtalks and group interactions because of the above and just recently I started back in again , things were going fine until this morning when I went into a group on Facebook and here goes the fighting between two people who are SELF proclaimed experts in this field ! I have been involved in this community for well over 20yrs and I thought things would have gotten better by now but I can see that they are worse !

If We Knew What We Were Doing , It Wouldnt Be Called Research !!!! A Einstein ... So fits the Bf community :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

First " Aggression " Experience

When this incident happened I had been researching/investigating for about twenty years and this was the very first time that I had experienced anything " aggressive " or " Negative " . It was in a site that I had been working for a good number of years and the people that were with me had been in this site many times as well . It was back in the late summer of 09 , we came into the area and parked our truck, took our time setting up our chairs and gearing up to head out to do the perimeter check . After about a two hour hike checking on the area we headed back toward camp , at one point Charles was ahead of us and made it back to camp before the rest of us . The camp was on the right side of the road ....

It was Amy , my son Timothy and I that were walking up the dirt road , we were walking side by side and Timothy was next to me and we were joking back and forth to each other . I said something to my son and joking around he pushed me ... as soon as he did that, we heard a loud deep growl come from the left side of the road but off into the treeline . We stopped and listened for a min or two but nothing else happened . We started walking and continued joking with each other , once again my son pushed me for what I had just said and when he did we got another loud deep growl but this time a decent sized stick came flying out of the treeline and landed near my son. Well needless to say my son gave me a look ( the " your on your own b**ch " look ) and he took off and ran the few yards to the camp .

Amy and I stood there for a few mins looking and listening but nothing else happened other then the sound of something moving around in the treeline . It was now dark and we could see the light from the fire that Charles had going and so we preceded on . The rest of the evening was filled with a few tree knocks , weird owl vocalizations and my son clicking on the flashlight every time he heard a noise !!!!

This is also the site that the size 16 foot print came out of , the site that we ( my son and I )had something approach our tent at 2am and the property where the guys who mowed it were " chased out " by something .....

So what was growling and threw the stick ? Was it a bf , was it being aggressive or was it upset and trying to protect me because my son was pushing me ? Or is there a more rational explanation ..... What do you think about it ? :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini Blogs

I go out to my research areas anywhere between three to four weekends out of a month and most of the time I will experience some sort of bf activity so here is where I will be posting mini blogs of these outings . :)

Mon April 19,2010 ..... This past Sat didnt yield too much activity bf wise , I met up with John B, Willie D, Gary R from the ISRT group in an area out in the swamp . We had a couple of possible tree knocks and on a couple of occasions saw red "lights " or "eye shine " in the wood line . What did make it a good outing was interacting with a group of scouts that happened to be in the camp site with us . We took them on a short walk , talked to them about Bigfoot and I even took a report from one of the guys who has had several experiences and he will be meeting up with me to show me where these encounters took place . The three scout leaders , who are all in law enforcement shared some interesting stories with us as well .

I must add before ending this blog that , right after dark and up until 1am , we had the most amazing sight . The swamp floor and up to about two feet off the ground were thousands of lightning bugs ! I and the others stated that we had never seen so many in all the time we have been in the woods . Walking down the trail was so magical , it was as if someone had come through out the area and put up tons of white Christmas lights ( and I mean tons ). It had to be a sight , because I have never seen these guys really be in awe and astounded of something like they were of this .


Mar ,2010 ..... Met up with Donna Cohrs ( Stocking ) and headed out to a new site in the swamp that I had just recently started researching in due to a recent report . At one point we found some tracks but were unable to cast due to recent rains , not far from the area with the tracks we found a tree break and a tree bow all pointing toward a small stream . Around 11pm we were sitting about a half mile away from where we found the tree structures and also near a large stream , we heard two individual " somethings " a few yards inside the treeline . The noises that were being made were VERY LOUD , VERY DEEP growling that turned into what sounded like words trying to be formed . We couldnt get into the woods/swamp due to extremely high water surrounding the area to see what was making the noises but I can tell you I have never heard anything like it before ( it was also very un nerving ) I would love to know what was making it . If anyone knows what makes a noise like that PLEASE let me know !!!


May 2010 ... The first two weekends have been normal , I met up with David S of the ISRT group on the first weekend at a site in the swamp and we walked back to the bone area or Monkey valley and as we scouted around we found a tree twist and at one point heard a loud thump . After getting back to camp we heard several owls but one sounded a little weird ( loud , deep and almost fake ). A little while later I heard a growl that came from the same direction as the owl sounds . We left around 7pm due to Charles having to get up early the next morning for a tournament so no night research was done on my part .

The second weekend I met up with Pat R , Donna Cohrs and John Johnsen at the same site . Around 4pm Donna , John and I took off back to the bone area and I showed them the tree twist, as we walked further back we found a possible track and not far from the track was a pine tree that had been placed across the trail in between two other trees . Later on that night back at camp we had the weird owl sound off and at one point a whistle . It was a very enjoyable Sat... on the property next to where we were, there was a powwow going on so throughout the day and night we were treated to drumming , flute, and singing drifting through the woods .

The only thing different with this outing is usually when there is a powwow near by the activity level would be moderate to high but for some reason this time it was very low . .........


May 15th 2010 ..... This weekend I was investigating a report that came into me from a park official . This site has yielded a size 16 track , a walk up to my tent around 2am and numerous other activity .

On this outing I had Charles and a friend of ours with us . We entered the property around 8pm and spent about four hours hiking around . We heard some unexplainable noises but was unable to investigate them at that time .

I will be heading back out to finish up the investigation soon .


Feb 25th 2011 ... The ISRT had its annual Meet N Greet and it was held in one of my research sites , this was my first site and over the years it has given me a lot of joy and possible BF activity . We went out that Fri night and hiked out to the area where I found the calf kill , it was an extremely quiet but beautiful night . Sat night was better, activity wise , we hiked out to the same area but ventured in the opposite direction of the kill . At one point the group stopped and Allan R hung his game camera , while he was hanging it I was asked to do some of my calls . We were treated to return sounds of " something " woooing or whooping back . This went on for quite a while and "it" seemed to follow us as we were making our way through the woods . Not sure what it was and we even said maybe an owl but it had this tone to it that made us second guess it .

Sun we were excited to see what, if anything had been captured on Allan's game cam but Allan returned from the woods with no camera . Somebody/something took the camera , now this is the site that I myself had my notebook with all my reports , notes and research stuff taken . All in all , we had a good time and the research goes on in this site .... :)

March 14 2015 .... Went out Sat night into the Green Swamp around 8pm , it was warm but there was a breeze every now and then . Nothing significant BF wise happened during this outing BUT the woods were alive with the owls , frogs, gators ( its mating season ) and lightning bugs . I decided to walk one of the main roads in for a few miles and then go off into the woods but after walking a few miles I soon found out that there was a MAJORLY large group of bicyclists doing a night ride through the woods . Every time I thought I would take a direction into the woods I would be greeted with lights, voices and then someone on a bicycle and I was being told more were coming ... so I decided to find a spot along the road to just sit and enjoy the owls and the beautiful light show from the lightening bugs ! The lightning bugs were almost as amazing as the night of April 19 2010s blog , even tho there was no activity it was still a great night !!!!!! :)

March 20 & 21 2015 ... Green Swamp with Willie , Doris ,Chuck and Charles . Once again weather was warm and the woods were alive with the sounds of owls, whippoorwills and frogs . At one point we also had a pack of coyotes start sounding off and one of them had an issue with their howl , it sounded sort of like a siren but would then go into a howl at the end so not sure how to label that one . We had another really neat experience with the lightning bugs , we hiked in to a swampy area that led to a creek with running water and the lightning bugs were only in that area . It was like something out of a Lord Of The Rings movie , there were thousands of lightning bugs in that one area , the pretty creek with rocks and the water running over them and the owls and whippoorwills going off ... once again it was a great night in the woods for me !!!!! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Volusia County Report !

Three Hunters From Volusia County

Report taken by Carolann Solomon

YEAR: 09

SEASON: Late Summer



COUNTY: Volusia


OBSERVED: Large Bipedal Creature

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes , Cousin and a Friend


TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 1:40 pm , Rainy and Cloudy

ENVIRONMENT: Forest , Woods , High Brush and Swampy

Report : Harold XXXXXXX , his cousin and a friend went into the WMA to scope out
the areas they wanted to hunt and to see what the population was like when it came to
the deer and hogs . They entered through the hunters area and started hiking around ,
about four to five hours into their hike they came to an area that they wanted to sit
and eat and to rest . After about 35 to 40 mins of resting , they decided to get up
and start back out , as they started back they noticed something in the path about 50
to 60 yards away . At first they thought it was a bear but when they took a few more
steps it stood up and turned around and they could tell it wasnt a bear . It stood
for a second or two and then took off into the woods and toward the creek ( he thinks
that their was a creek ) . They approached the area where this thing was but saw
nothing on the ground but they could still hear it going through the woods . They left
the area in a hurry and basically have not told anyone about what they saw .

This was Harolds first time into this area and he was told by his cousin that there was
a creek or river that was in the direction that the creature went towards . Harold
described the creature as being about 7ft tall and about 400lbs or more , dark hair ,
he could see it had hands and a face like an ape but human like also . There was no
odor and due to the ground being grassy and leaf litter there were no signs of tracks
in the path . Harold has not been back there since . The three men are experienced
hunters and have hunted throughout numerous states and have heard noises that they
could not explain but have never seen anything unusual until then .

I have talked with Harold several times on the phone and I do believe Harold to be very
credible . I have ensured him that an investigation will be conducted in that area , I
have also extended an invite for him and the other two to come out and show me where
they experienced the sighting but they have declined to come and to ever go there again

Follow-up investigation report by ...... William Douglas

Date - Early Spring -2010

The witnesses were not willing to speak with anyone other then Carolann on the subject and refused to personally show the actual sighting location. After locating the approximate area of the sighting I proceeded to scout for signs. The area covers a couple of miles square. To the south, the St. Johns River to the north is Lake George with many square miles of wilderness between. There are several creeks running from this forest area to the river. I was never able to reach the river because the area turned to swamp and became quite wet. Both times I scouted the area it was raining. To get to the remote areas of the Park you would need a 4 wheel drive vehicle especially to the south. It is a typical Florida wilderness area. Abundant in wildlife, it seems every corner I turned there would be a turkey or deer or some other type wildlife. Though I will hold off on going back out there until the weather dries up, I do feel this could be an area where a creature large in size could inhabit and flourish without a human ever seeing it. I will add this tract to my list of research areas and hopefully in the near future will come up with more tangible evidence.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have been extremely busy with home life and my research and have not had time to keep up with my blogs . I will be writing of my outings which could consist of a paragraph or a full page , I will also be putting up reports that come into me but will not be putting up all of them due to just being too busy and having too many reports .

I receive reports from SWFWMD , Local Game and Fish Officers , Sheriff Deputies and Park Rangers who I have earned their trust over the yrs . These reports you will find that I have not interviewed the witnesses due to the reports being
confidential .

Reports that come into me from other ways , will have a witness interview included in them .

......... Carolann

Report / Green Swamp

Location ... Green Swamp , trail that leads to a field area just east of a camping
site .

Weather Conditions ..... Extremely windy and cold but once you were in close to the
treeline it was nicer .

Witnesses ... Two, Danny and Garret .

Activity .... Hog Hunt

Time ..... Before dawn and until around 10am

Date .... Feb , 2010

Sat morning just before day break , Danny and his friend Garret headed out to an area
that they had scoped out the day before and had picked this place due to hog activity .

They had hiked in about a mile or two and chose to rest due to Garret having stomach
issues and was just not feeling to well . As they sat there they heard a couple of
whistles that came from behind them toward the wooded area , they thought that they had come up on another hunter and that guy was signaling to them that he was over there .

After about 40 mins of them resting they started walking some more and once again they had to stop due to Garret . Danny decided to walk a little further to see if he could see anymore hog activity and maybe head into the woods , after about 10 to 15 mins of walking he decided to turn back and head for Garret . Once Danny returned to Garret he told him that they should head off into the woods . Garret told him he had an uneasy feeling and that whoever that guy is in the woods is acting strange , when Danny asked why , Garret told him he heard walking and whistled out to let him know he was there and when he didnt get a response he spoke out and told the guy, hey theres hunters over here , still no response .

Danny and Garret decided to walk a little further and as they were walking they could
hear movement in the treeline moving with them , Danny whistled out , got no response and then yelled out and the response they got back was something that sounded like a huff and then a low deep growl , thats when they decided to turn around and head back out to the truck and try a different area .

They had asked several others throughout the day if they had been in that area that
morning but everyone said no, they then assumed that it was probably one of the campers at the camp site not far from them . Later on that night on a couple of occasions while in camp he thought he had heard whistling out in the woods and he said the whole thing just seemed weird to him .

Researchers comments .... The group ISRT ( Independent Sasquatch Research Team ) had an outing that weekend in the same general area , a few members showed up on Fri and the rest came out Sat morning . We were told by several Game Officers to stay in camp and to not go into the woods due to a special hog hunt that was going on . No one from our group went into the woods during the daytime , we didnt do any vocalizations , whistles or tree knocks during the day either .

We didnt expect to have any BF activity going on due to hunters being in the area and
that led us into researching other properties close by that had had known BF activity . Around 10 pm Sat night we started getting some activity around the camp area (ie. a yell, fellow researcher Willie Douglas had his parabolic ears on when he heard what sounded like a noise a lion would make and that happened after I did a call , walking inside the treeline and then later on in the night we heard whistles and at times would get responses back from our whistles ).

It was around 2am when I decided to leave and head home and as we had gone through the property gate to leave I needed to go to the bathroom and had my son pull over to one of the hunters bathrooms , while I was waiting for my turn due to someone being in there, a guy walked up and started waiting also. We started a conversation and when he found out that I was from the other camp that is when he asked me if anyone of us had been out in the woods that morning , I replied no and he started telling me about the above happenings .

A few days later Danny contacted me and for about two hours I interviewed him over the phone and his story stayed the same , he is not sure what was out there and what they experienced but he says its the first time he has ever experienced something he cant rightly explain away !

I will be going back out to the area again soon to investigate the report and it is also an area that has had ongoing activity over the years .

Follow up coming soon ............

Carolann S
Lutz , Fl